The digital era in healthcare

Smartphones and tablets have become central to our daily lives, and are now used by over 66% of adults in the United Kingdom (UK). Apps and web platforms can help individuals to track their health and wellbeing; while emerging technologies are enabling us to communicate health data with others, for social, clinical and research purposes. Therefore, you […]

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From Bath to Rome

It is always a pleasure to meet other individuals passionate about musculoskeletal research and improving the lives of children and young people living with arthritis. Last month, Phil Bowers dropped me an email via my website, to share with me his ambitious plan to fundraise for Arthritis Research UK and the Children’s Chronic Arthritis Association […]

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The future is ours

In the words of Barack Obama, “The future belongs to young people with an education and the imagination to create.” On many occasions, I’ve painted a picture in my head of the world I hope will exist in the future. Instant access to healthcare. Education for all. Equal opportunities for everyone. Some may say these […]

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