Join the next Carion Fenn Foundation support group meeting

Join the next Carion Fenn Foundation support group meeting on Thursday 10 August 2017 (6.30 pm – 8.30 pm EDT; 11.30 pm – 1.30 am GMT+1) if you are interested in patient empowerment, and want to get to grips with social media and how to best navigate the healthcare system!

Maureen McGowan, a Community Education and Outreach Representative who works at Central East Community Care Access Centre in Ontario, Canada, will be talking about home care and navigating complex healthcare systems. I will be discussing how patients and carers can use social media as a tool for personal empowerment, both through accessing social support networks, and by tracking and monitoring your symptoms by recording your healthcare data.

How to join the support group meeting

If you’re in the local area, join us for a place to share, learn, and support each other at the Ajax Public Library Main Branch in the Rotary Room. The meeting is also accessible worldwide, where you can join in via Skype or telephone, thereby connecting in real time with guests (including me), and other members attending the support group meeting in person.

Register now via the following link:

How to access the support group meeting

1) Location: Ajax Public Library (Main Branch): 55 Harwood Avenue South, Ajax ON L1S 2H8 Canada.

2) Online: Join via Skype:

3) Phone: Join via telephone: +1 (647) 749-7011; Conference ID: 11871877. You can find a local number here: For those in the UK, the local telephone number is: +44 (0) 20 3321 5265.

About the Carion Fenn Foundation

The Carion Fenn Foundation is a registered charity in Canada, established to promote health by advocating, supporting, and providing resources for those with chronic conditions. The Foundation strives to help those who are living with chronic conditions, including rare diseases, such as Syringomyelia, Chiari Malformation, and Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome. The Carion Fenn Foundation also invests a significant amount of energy into educating the public about such conditions.

The Carion Fenn Foundation was founded by the award winning patient advocate, Carion Fenn. Carion is a member of the Lakeridge Health Board of Trustees, the Town of Ajax Accessibility Advisory Committee, the Rotary Club of Ajax and The Ajax Legion. She is also the recipient of the Ontario Volunteer Service (10 years) award, among a string of additional highly prestigious awards, for her endless work to improve the lives of people living with chronic conditions in Canada, and around the world.

The Carion Fenn Foundation advocate and raise awareness of chronic conditions through a variety of events and activities. These include television interviews,  newspaper features, and several fundraising activities. The Foundation also provides resources for people living with chronic conditions, through events such as monthly support group meetings, an annual Rare Disease Expo, a mental health forum, symposiums, workshops, seminars, and a unique online social network, accessible 24 hours a day to patients, parents and carers living with chronic conditions.

For more information about The Carion Fenn Foundation, please visit their website: I hope to see some of you there on Thursday evening (or very late on Thursday night/Friday morning if you’re in Europe!)



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