AMA Physician Innovation Network Panel

Between January 22nd and 30th 2019, hear from patient leaders and advocates about what matters most to them in the American Medical Association Physician Innovation Network’s virtual panel discussion.

Join this online discussion to hear from patients, care partners, physicians, advocates and others all working to ensure the patient voice is represented in the development and design of digital health tools. You’ll learn about what matters to patients, what their expectations are as both collaborators and patients, and what areas of health care are the ripest for disruption from their perspective!

Partnering with Patients and Caregivers to Drive Health Care Innovation‘ is being hosted by the American Medical Association (AMA) through their Physician Innovation Network.

I will be one of seven panel experts facilitating the discussion, which you can access here. Given that the discussion will be taking place over several days, people from all locations and backgrounds can drop in and out at their convenience. The conversation starts at 10.00 am ET / 3.00 pm GMT on Tuesday 22nd January 2019. Bring your questions, thoughts, ideas and examples of best (and worse) practices – it’s all about learning from each other.

The discussion will be moderated by Patient Experience Advocate, Morgan Gleason, and Healthcare Navigating Solutionist, Clarity Provider, PtExp Enhancer and Board-Certified Patient Advocate, Grace Cordovano, PhD, BCPA.

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