Arthur’s Place – support for young adults with arthritis

Arthur’s Place, the website and social network that aims to help young adults aged 18 to 35, living with arthritis to get active in their own care beyond the hospital, has been relaunched.

Arthur’s Place believe in supporting both physical and emotional wellness of young adults with arthritis, and they’re posting new content all of the time. Already an award-winning site (NRAS Patients In Focus Gold Award), Arthur’s Place now has:

  • An improved design and easier-to-use navigation;
  • Brand new “Wellness Kits“, which provide even more tools and advice on the topics that young adults with arthritis care most about;
  • A new “Apps Hub“, which pulls together a selection of handpicked apps which may encourage young adults to be more proactive in their own care;
  • Real life stories from young adults living with a range of conditions, some diagnosed as children and others as adults;
  • A greater focus on mental and emotional health via a new section, “Heart & Soul“;
  • A complementary confidential Facebook group, “Arthur’s Place Social“, which is already hosting chats between over a hundred young adults, offering friendly support and ideas on how to better engage with treatment and relate well to the doctors, nurses and other specialists caring for them;
  • A growing community of rheumatology professionals engaging with Arthur’s Place on Twitter
  • A wider range of articles written on topics relevant to young adults, in appropriate tone and with complementary visuals. All of the content includes next steps to active community engagement for more support, as well as practical stuff to do.

Head on over to the Arthur’s Place website and social networks, and please share with people who may find this site useful!



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