Resource for healthcare social media researchers

Symplur have recently launched a project in collaboration with Stanford Medicine X to further research in healthcare social media. They have created a public hub for healthcare social media research, as well as existing offerings from Symplur.

The new public hub includes:

  1. A database of published journal articles in healthcare social media.
  2. An email signup form, to enable you to receive updates about new publications.
  3. Information about past and future opportunities for you with Stanford Medicine X and the Symplur Signals Research Challenge

The database is powerful for exploring past research and looking for works to reference and cite. You can search for specific topics, authors, journals or even rank the articles by Impact Factor. Selecting an individual article will reveal more information, including altmetrics.

#hcsmRThe team at Symplur have also named this project #hcsmR, with a dual purpose of promoting discussion on social media about social media research in healthcare. So if you’re on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or the many other social media platforms, and are talking about healthcare social media, remember the hashtag!



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