The European patient ambassador programme

Do you or someone you care about live with a chronic or long-term health condition that you wish more people understood? Do you want to get involved in influencing the way in which patients are treated? As a patient, parent or carer, you have a unique perspective on the impact of a condition on daily life. You also have so much knowledge and experience to share.

Being a patient representative and speaking up for people with health conditions can make a huge difference to the way in which healthcare is delivered in the future. However, it’s not always as easy as it looks, particularly when you need to influence the actions of others, such as health professionals, politicians and other decision makers. Taking this into consideration, the European Patient Ambassador Programme have developed a free online self-learning programme to help you to develop some of the skills and knowledge that you may need in order to represent yourself, and people living with health conditions successfully. The programme includes a number of modules, including the fundamentals of research and attending healthcare conferences.

The programme has been developed by the European Lung Foundation, as it needed patients ready and able to get involved in the future of respiratory healthcare. However, as the skills are common across any disease, the European Lung Foundation worked with partners to ensure that the programme is suitable to anyone living with a chronic or long-term health condition.

For more details, please click here!

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