20th EULAR Annual European Conference of PARE

This year’s EULAR* Annual European Conference of PARE will be held in Lisbon, Portugal from Thursday 23rd to Sunday 26th February 2017, and is hosted by the Portuguese League against Rheumatism.

This conference, attracting more than 100 delegates, should inspire, educate and empower delegates and their national organisations to improve the lives of people living with rheumatic and musculoskeletal diseases (RMDs). The theme of the conference is “Rheumatic and musculoskeletal diseases: don’t delay, connect today! Working together towards prevention, early diagnosis and access to care in rheumatic and musculoskeletal diseases (RMDs)”.

There are 7 workshops on offer, aimed aimed supporting national organisations in their work. The workshops will cover a range of topics, offering insights into the following areas:

  • Healthy workplaces, prevention of RMDs and access to work for people with RMDs – an EU perspective;
  • Engaging national organisations in the 2017 ‘Don’t Delay, Connect Today!’ campaign;
  • The social media revolution: strategies to create and strengthen communication in a digital era (beginners and advanced workshop);
  • How can organisations help increase the number of rheumatologists, health professionals specialised in RMD care and RMD services in their countries
  • Media interview skills training;
  • Strategies to engage and empower young people with RMDs at the earliest opportunity;
  • Enhancing self-management in young people using innovative and accessible technologies.

I will be facilitating both of the social media revolution workshops. The first, on Friday 24 February 2017 for beginners, and the second on Saturday 25 February 2017. I am delighted to be joined by Dr Elena Nikiphorou and Nina Unesi as co-facilitators of the workshops, who both bring unique perspectives and an abundance of experience in using social media in health care and in patient organisations, respectively. We will be sharing lots of tips on social media, along with some of the resources that we have developed for the workshop too.

All major parts of the programme will be live streamed via this link. We will also be using Twitter throughout the conference. Please follow @eular_org and @EULARYoungPARE using the hashtag #pare2017. As always, you can follow updates from me on Twitter at: @SimonRStones!

*European League Against Rheumatism

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