WEGO Health Awards

I am excited to announce that I have been nominated for three WEGO Health Awards in the 6th Annual WEGO Health Awards. The three awards that I have been nominated for include: Patient Healthcare Collaborator, Best in Show for Twitter, and Lifetime Achievement.

WEGO Health is a mission-driven company connecting healthcare with the experience, skills, and insights of patient leaders. They are the world’s largest network of patient leaders, working across virtually all health conditions and topics.

The WEGO Health Awards were created to celebrate those who tirelessly support the mission of WEGO Health: to empower the patient voice. With 16 award categories, the WEGO Health Awards are the only awards across all conditions and platforms, that recognize the over 100 thousand inspiring Patient Leaders who raise awareness, share information, and support their communities – but often without recognition.

I feel truly blessed to have been nominated for my work on embedding the voice of young patients into research, as well as engaging people on social media to be be excited about research – just like I am! Having lived with chronic conditions for the majority of my life, I never want other young people to go through some of the difficult times that I have experienced. That’s why I live and breath research, and it’s why I’m 100% dedicated to ensuring that young people have a voice in research, so that they can shape their future healthcare for the benefit of everyone. For those who nominated me for these awards, I thank you from the bottom of my heart!

This year, the 16 WEGO Health Award winners will be honored at the 5th Annual Patient Advocacy Summit in Washington, DC from the 23rd to 24th October 2017. I’m now looking to my incredibly supportive network to help endorse me for these awards.

Please click here to be taken to my WEGO Health Awards profile where you can click “Endorse” under my nominee photo: http://awards.wegohealth.com/nominees/13009.

I would also appreciate if you could vote for my special friend, Sophie Ainsworth (http://awards.wegohealth.com/nominees/13011) who has also been nominated for one of the other WEGO Health Awards, ‘Best Kept Secret’. I had the pleasure of meeting Sophie through a research project that we were both working on as patient research partners. Sophie is an amazing role model, using her experience of lupus as a young person to help other young people with invisible illnesses. She founded RAiISE, an organisation to provide support to teachers, young people and their families, in order to overcome the many challenges that they face in schools and education.

Wish us both luck!

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