Health 2.0: Social media in healthcare tweet chat

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  1. I think that social media are the tools for us patients to connect in between each other, but just because they give us an easy way to connect, find people and talk about all that matters to us.

    But social media are not the places, I think for Specialists to look around. Maybe to know what is going on in the world and know what people are doing to feel better. But not on individual level, patients do need their place to speak freely as well.

    Also, social media are not build to register attacks, symptoms, medicine use and all we do to feel better.

    Than there is the problem with the data collected by these social media companies, reason not to use that platform to trust our personal healthcare data to.

    I do think is that we should use our options to find, connect and talk to each other. But we should do it on our own platform, where the data is owned by all of us personal. A platform that we can use to share if we like to, supporting research and giving our specialists a better view on our disease progression.

    As being a patient, I’ve started up my own platform, not a social media, but a social health platform. It all started out after 8 years living with cluster Headaches and having a young child with a lot of symptoms but without any diagnoses.


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