Patients are Savvy

There’s never been a more important time to get involved in the health care conversation. Not only do patients need better access to care, but they need better care overall. I’m excited to share that I am doing my part to help make that happen through Savvy.


Savvy Cooperative is a patient-owned co-op that helps restore power back to patients by giving them a voice in healthcare innovations. Ever feel like healthcare wasn’t built with the patient in mind? Well it’s because it’s been so hard for people to work with patients. But Savvy is changing that! Savvy provides an online platform for companies and researchers to post their needs for patient input, and patients can then easily get involved and share their experiences. It’s so important that these professionals hear directly from patients themselves, because patients are the only ones who truly know what its like to live with a condition. If we don’t speak up, then they’ll just keep guessing, and we’ll keep struggling.



Companies post Gigs on Savvy for patients to participate in. These are things like surveys, interviews, testing new products, and so on. Unlike other initiatives that have been introduced previously, Savvy patients who are members of the co-op are paid to provide their input, and it’s about time this was done too! Society doesn’t expect professionals to work for nothing, so why on earth do we expect patients, parents and carers to do the same?


You can feel good about joining Savvy, because it’s owned by patients! Savvy was started by two patient advocates, Jen Horonjeff and Ronnie Sharpe, who envisioned a better way to work with patients. Rather than create another company that claims to be patient-centered, they have created an organisation that is patient-driven. Savvy is a co-op, where patients can become co-op members. Savvy gives patients a voice in the organisation and shares its profits back with them. There’s never been anything like it before, and I’m so excited to be a Savvy Pioneer Member!


You can join and learn more at Savvy Cooperative here.



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