Join in the Journal of Child Health Care Journal Club

The Journal of Child Health Care is an international, interdisciplinary, peer reviewed journal which focuses on issues related to the health and healthcare of children, young people and their families. The journal covers areas such as acute and chronic conditions, complex needs and quality of life in a diverse range of settings. The journal publishes original theoretical, empirical and review papers which have application to a wide variety of disciplines.

The Journal of Child Health Care sees children as part of the community in which we live and considers health issues arising from it. It develops the skills and knowledge base of professionals who work with children and their families, and promotes partnerships between professionals and families and between different professional groups. All issues of the Journal of Child Health Care are available to browse online. More recently, the Journal of Child Health Care has launched a journal club to spark interest and debate among the community.

Join the Journal Club this week

From Monday 19 February until Friday 23 February 2018, a week long Journal Club is taking place on Twitter. It’s super easy to participate, and won’t take much time out of your schedule. A Twitter Journal Club provides a place where researchers, healthcare professionals, students, patients, carers and anyone else who is interested, can discuss publications relevant to a specific topic. They are a great way to practice reading research papers too!

The article under discussion for the Journal of Child Health Care Journal Club is titled ‘Stories of survival: Children’s narratives of psychosocial well-being following paediatric critical illness or injury, which was published by Dr Joseph C. Manning and colleagues in 2017.

Between 8 am and 9 am each day this week, a different question will be posted on Twitter using the hashtag #JCHC_JC (the full list of questions for the week can be found below). You then have the opportunity to interact all day (and indeed for the rest of the week) with colleagues around the world. There’s no set time when you have to contribute, so you can dip in and out throughout each day, depending on your availability.

Journal Club Questions

So if you have time for the rest of the week, please join in! It’ll be good fun, and it should prompt some interesting points for discussion, based on your personal and professional experience and perspective.

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