Health Tweet Feast

Join #HealthTweetFeast from 16th April 2018! It’s going to be a week long feast of conversations, discussions and virtual events with research partners, students and staff from the School of Healthcare at the University of Leeds, covering healthcare, practice, teaching and research.

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The Health Tweet Feast will take place week commencing Monday 16th April 2018, as part of Leeds Digital Festival 2018.

Throughout the week, there will be a series of activities taking place on Twitter, ranging from tweet chats co-hosted by patient research partners, students and staff, to hearing about work and activities ongoing within the School of Healthcare from our staff and students. This will be a fabulous opportunity to learn more about the teaching and research ongoing within healthcare at the University of Leeds, as well as more general learning about a variety of health-related topics. Here’s our schedule…

Health Tweet Feast - Schedule

How to participate

To observe and contribute, you will need to have your own Twitter account. If you’ve got one – great! If not, go to Twitter to sign up. You can follow events during the week (including Twitter chats) using the hashtag #HealthTweetFeast. Don’t forget to include #HealthTweetFeast in your tweets so that other people can see what you are saying! Here are our four fabulous tweet chats that we’ve got planned:


We’ll also be sharing other updates throughout the week, such as our commitment to sustainability, and experiences from students within the School.

Check out what’s happening as part of Leeds Digital Festival

There are lots of other events taking place in and around Leeds from Monday 16 April 2018 for two weeks, as part of Leeds Digital Festival. Visit for more information!

Further links

School of Healthcare #HealthTweetFeast announcement:

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