INVOLVE, in partnership with the Generation R Alliance, are keen to find out what enables or creates barriers to involving children and young people, aged 8 to 24, in health and social care research. The first part of this work involves a mapping exercise to see where and how children and young people are being involved in research, either in young people’s advisory groups (YPAGs) or in other ways.

Therefore, if you are involved in supporting children and young people’s involvement in research, or know of any YPAGs or other involvement activity in your area, please spend some time answering this short survey. You can complete this survey anonymously.

This is an opportunity for shared learning, so please be as open as possible in your answers. The INVOLVE and Generation R Alliance partners will be using the results to develop further materials and/or update the Children and Young People’s section of the INVOLVE website.

The survey can be accessed via the following link:

Written by simonrstones

Simon R. Stones BSc (Hons) is an award-winning patient advocate, consultant and researcher from Manchester in the UK, who was the winner of the international WEGO Health Award for Patient Healthcare Collaborator in 2017. He is a passionate advocate and ambassador for people living with invisible illnesses, inspired and empowered by his own journey with juvenile arthritis, fibromyalgia, and inflammatory bowel disease since childhood. He is currently an Associate Fellow of the Royal Commonwealth Society, a trustee of Fibromyalgia Action UK and RAiISE, and board member of the European Network for Children with Arthritis (ENCA) and the European Network of Fibromyalgia Associations (ENFA).

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