Chronic pain and stigma survey

Pain Alliance Europe have launched a new international survey on chronic pain and stigma. The survey is open to people living with chronic pain and their carers until Friday 01 March 2019.

This is the third survey that Pain Alliance Europe (PAE) have created on the theme of chronic pain, in a series of annual European surveys assessing how chronic pain impacts on people’s quality of life.

Besides the many physical challenges that chronic pain inflicts, people also have to deal with the psychological impact of pain too – including stigma. To better understand the extent to which stigma influences the lives of people living with pain, Pain Alliance Europe has directed its 2019 survey to look at the way which people with chronic pain are affected by the subjectivity of other people in society.

The survey is available in several languages, and can be accessed here. Don’t forget to complete before Friday 01 March 2019, and please share widely with friends, family, colleagues and your networks!

A report will be created at the end of the survey, comparing the experiences of people with chronic pain in different countries. This report will be published by Pain Alliance Europe in order to reinforce their actions and to promote their ongoing activities to increase awareness of the importance of chronic pain among politicians and policy makers. Take a look at reports from previous surveys here.

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