Social media

Social media is an incredibly useful and powerful tool which can help you to engage people around the world. While many of us will use social media for personal use, social media is increasingly used by organisations to engage members of the public. However, not everyone is up to speed with social media, which does change at a rapid pace. Here, we provide you with some simple guides to social media, including some templates to help you develop your digital social media strategy, which is a good step in helping you to understand why you want to use social media and how you will do so.

Simple guides to social media

Developing a social media strategy

xlss-256 Editorial calendar template

pdfs-256 Editorial calendar template

A guide to using social media


A week to tweet self-paced Twitter course

pdfs-256 Part 1: Setting up an account

pdfs-256 Part 2: Following more people/organisations and tweeting

pdfs-256 Part 3: Retweeting, replying and likes

pdfs-256 Part 4: Hashtags

pdfs-256 Part 5: Posting links, pictures, GIFs and polls in your tweets

pdfs-256 Part 6: Direct messages, public and protected tweets and embedding a Twitter feed into a website

pdfs-256 Part 7: Using social media at #EULAR2017, #PARE2017 and other conferences and meetings



  1. Hi Simon, any chance a guide for WhatsApp will be added to the stable? I really love your work, and have recommended your blogsite to colleagues.


    1. Hi Leona, thanks so much for your lovely comment! Thanks for the WhatsApp suggestion – I’ll get something together in the coming weeks and will share back with you!


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